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Abstract works of art


Words that describe Abstract works of art

Web, data, colour spectrum, input layer, hidden layer, output layer, neural network, emotional landscape, mystic, hidden thoughts, hidden emotions

Green portraits

2022 - 2023

"Maybe there is something green in me"

Words that describe Green portraits

Grounded, travel, warm paradise, micro-expressions, family, being outside, pagan worlds, deities 




The Danish word "Jord" translates into "Earth" or more simply into soil, ground, dirt, clay, dust. 

Words that describe Jord

Circles, earth layers, geometric landscapes, lava, earth, inner core, stars, planets, the universe, slow working, planet, rotation, Earth time, Earth minerals

Debut in abstract landscapes

2018 - 2022

Words that describe Debut in abstract landscapes

Raw, searching, scared, source, emotional landscapes, wild motion, seismic, eruption, lava